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  • Lila Abbate, PT, DPT, MS, OCS, WCS and Andrea Wood

Mentoring for Physical Therapists: An Invaluable Tool

Mentoring can provide physical therapists immediate answers to pressing clinical questions. Mentorship can provide value in order to reorganize and save yourself valuable time along with catapulting you to the next level of knowledge. The ability to have a mentor who has the knowledge in the orthopedic and women’s health arena allows you really create an entire musculoskeletal overview of the patient at hand.

Lila Abbate, pelvic floor PT New York

Questions regarding a patient case, treatment questions and the process of moving the patient through the plan of care can be questions of concern. Meeting with a mentor can quickly keep you on your current path or can navigate you and the patient on an entire new course of care. Career goals or solidifying a career path, and the personal and financial impact that continuing education and another degree will have, can be items that are addressed during mentoring.

Mentorship can have different mediums: Skype, FaceTime or In-office, or In-Person prior to or after a course. Remote mentorship is based on an hourly rate and can be used in 15 minute increments so to pay for an entire hour is not necessary. Questions/patient cases are sent in advance and time can be set up on the phone or via FaceTime or Skype and questions are reviewed and discussed. Some treatment demos can be also shown, if convenient.

With clinical locations in Long Island and NYC (Soho area), therapists can observe treatments and ask patient questions about clinical interactions and interventions. Questions can be answered during patient treatments or in-between cases in order to get the bigger picture of treatment options.

Mentoring is tailored around you and your professional needs. Email Dr. Abbate in order to start focusing and fine-tuning your career path.

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