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Your Postpartum Health

Where do I start?

You just had a baby - the most joyous time of your life! Yes, you are a little sleep deprived, your breasts are engorged and tender, you can barely still get out of bed, but the overwhelming joy that you feel outweighs everything negative and seeing your toes again compounds the joy!


Fast forward to your six-week check-up by your gynecologist or midwife: you are medically cleared and good to go, yet you feel like you have been hit by a truck. Your hair is falling out, your vagina may be painful and dry, sitting is still not the most comfortable position, and carrying the baby carrier is like an Olympic event.  Your rib cage is now much larger and stayed larger and you look at your body and think no way do I look, or feel back to normal!

Mother kissing baby feet

These events could be you at 6, 12, or still at 24 weeks.  Postpartum recovery is so individual and not as easy as it can portrayed in social media blogs and videos.  Postpartum recuperation can be physically challenging as we maternally age and recovery time increases with multiple pregnancies. Delivering a baby at age 22 is nowhere the same at age 42.  How to feel better and get stronger more quickly? Find a pelvic health physical therapist! A few blogs on the internet have been posted about postpartum recovery regarding the care in France and the dedication to the family unit. The French have taken time to bring the science straight back into the community with home pelvic health physical therapy. In France, postpartum home biofeedback is meant to get the woman back to her prior pelvic health status to enjoy her sexual life, create urinary continence along with the goal to procreate to carry on the well-being in France. France has the most civilized national health care and is the most progressive in regards to postpartum care. Its support for both parents during the postpartum period is an exceptional display of quality health care. Here in the US, patients are urged to self-guide their own postpartum return to fitness. Women and men are left with reading blogs on the internet, watching videos on Youtube, and posting questions in Facebook or Reddit Groups in order to gather good information. But what happens when the personal anecdotes and subjective hive mind of social media just isn't enough? You need the expert advice and experience of a women's health specialist 

With pelvic health PT, typically your obstetrician/gynecologist is clearing you medically for other issues that can go wrong, not focusing on the rehabilitation aspect. They are the medical professionals keeping you medically healthy. If your gynecologist is extremely proactive, they may recommend pelvic physical therapy, should you come to them with drastic concerns. However, patients are left to rehab themselves which parallels a traditional exercise program.


  • How do you get back in shape?

  • Do you head to the gym?

  • Do you get a trainer?

  • Do you watch various YouTube videos?  

  • How do you get your vaginal and urethral muscles back in shape or correct your diastasis while still improving your workouts after having a baby?

You get a pelvic health therapist!

Pelvic health therapists are physical therapists who, along with understanding all of the orthopedic considerations, specialize in internal vaginal and rectal pelvic floor muscle function. We have extensive knowledge in core training and core coordination that improve all aspects of strength.We help to biomechanically correct you from your head to toe. Pregnancy, the act of giving birth, and caring for a little one can affect EVERY part of your body. As a result, you may have tons of warranted questions: Why is my scar so sensitive? Why do I feel like I’m urinating all the time?  Will I ever feel like I want to have sex again? Will it hurt? Why do my wrists and neck hurt so much?


Even if you have little to no symptoms after childbirth, your pelvic floor muscles may need to get a bounce back in their step!  A few pelvic physical therapy visits can change your life!

Come visit us at New Dimensions Physical Therapy offices or have us visit you in the comfort of your own home.  

Postpartum Care at New Dimensions Physical Therapy

New Dimensions PT has put together both an in-home and in-clinic physical therapy Back-On-Track Algorithm for PostPartum Care.

New Dimensions Physical Therapy can help with all aspects of your pregnancy and postpartum care.  You have the option to see us at our office or in your home. Yes, we have expanded to be more like the French - and are offering home pelvic physical therapy!  We travel from the eastern Queens border all the way to Suffolk county and some areas of NYC. Send us an email or a call the office to get started today!

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